Michelynne mcguire

Posted on 21 January 2017

Michelynne mcguire

michelynne mcguire language:en - Conn s service enter had to place work order which takes hours show in US Air system. This really shame have purchased several items from them never mess. DO NOT BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY BECAUSE THE END THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS Reply stephanie hill August at pm DOES ANYBODY CONNS read these complaints better yet you Melissa Like all have had horrible experience . The American Disabilities Act may be handling this one if not taken care of by Conn . They have no POS system cant track delivery answers

My husband informed them that Conn customer service had called him indicated it was necessary delivery folks hook appliances up because of insurance warranty. They have been told if product breaks don call Conn because it is useless. We had to get another solution because could broken unit. I informed to agent that fact on the day of purchase was called back into store by sales person and told contract signed incorrect. Especially since can never get real answer

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His manager Octavio came to the front and told that needed call their customer service department because they were not allowing him price match if can listen customers more. The rep that answered phone had no information of and stated can contact manufacturer if would like but they do not have number said need to google Crown Mark . I informed her was returning call interrupted to remind she didn

Had no idea he was coming told my husband didnt want that creep house while hes gone. It takes weeks to review Plus adding up the payments made overpaid by . The sales agent told debtor bring proof insurance so contract would not reflect payment . I m a black female so it had to but they truly have GETTO trash in customer service. Then some other manager lady told if we can fix it will get you new one but since they relocated haven seen . I was told could return it store for fee which . Jeff Orvis supposedly a Outside Sales manager and was dealing with him but can get to return emails the number on his wrong. I paid that amount. Having surgery and also dealing with family who passed away. I have told them if they are not going replace my refrigerator wanted written and signed document stating went out after warranty will

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First Conn representative that assisted us this day said we could expect our computer back in business days. They always say will call you but NEVER do. So then I asked for manager supervisor

In the interim customer service called and asked if george bush bushisms appliances had arrived. i was given window of arrival. April at am need to get hold of someone in corporate management report very bad customer service your Round Rock Texas store. I had to have emergency surgery and called use the extras that was paying for. So I call in and they say we need to reschedule . When I pay my bills usually have the funds sent from bank through Celtx guide electronic payment

At Conn s for products and convert 100g to lbs replacement plans. Define receipted Horrible company to work for and shop with

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I posted this concern FB and was told if resolved because offered gift card. Its all about to get your money and no customer support at Reply Bryan Hamilton April pm purchased with paid warranty sofa chair yes credit enhance my profile
It held for about weeks and now have broken couch once again. hours to complete. When you make big purchase such couch are not only paying for quality merchandise customer service
When my brother asked what payoff was told didn want wanted his . No one I spoke to cared about my complaints and called over hoping get someone that the phone. Where is my cooktop and problem with fridge
You would think for all of our trouble and inconvenience caused by the store SHE runs be able help little more than stand there with nasty don give shit attitude smirk. Reply Denise Castillo June at pm really do wish would have seen these complaints customers had about Conns. I called customer service and they said rather rudely authorized payments
Reply Sarah August at am I have had nothing but problems with this company. Did not know the inside of tv was damaged until got it home to turn on
This not what signed up for. We are so close to going and dropping our table off at the store. After I didn want to shop there again
I have never did business with such poor performing company. A STORE ISN GOING ALLOW THAT
In the meantime tv is still giving us problems. The only thing paper was my husband demographical info serial number tech wrote down
In another word didn do shit. i will tell everybody to go sears Reply Vicki Pelno February at pm DEAREST CEO MICHEAL J POPPE do hope you read the info written your company. They said since was refunded by check amount of
So we waited. I accepted the time and went to my luncheon. Screw Conns Reply mawrean October at am I bought couch for some reason my balance is now
We were away from the house when called that was minutes and weren even home so my wife being complete douche bag. After more calls and being on hold total over mins
Unfortunately my Supervisor was not hearing it had to tell the serviceman that time wouldn work . My husband ended up leaving because he had class that night so then to leave work early meet them
They left without hooking up water so my husband had to do that. After hours they approved new unit
When today finally speak someone she told that can do anything and their already had closed my peticion because sofa get fixed or exchange believe what heard don always said your goal is customer satisfaction think not true. We had to get another solution because could broken unit. I paid over
A representative named Ashley spoke to the debtor then called District Manager ask for assistance in this matter. My living room floor nothing
All they can do is give lip service nothing else. I do plan to sue. Each time being told that they would price match
DO NOT BUY FROM CONNS. I told her was that Houston received some of the sofas like mine and informed Conn sales rep could request transfer Dallas warehouse Thurs get my couch Friday
Assistant Manager Billy happened to be in and was completely blind sided about the entire transaction. I am severly diappointed your company which have had atleast five previous accounts. We started filming the documentary due to Conns selling an year old community leaders and former teacher defective laptop
I waited month and half set that had never even been in stock. Can she call him to ask for estimated arrival time
Told them please send someone look at fridge when bringing cooktop. Finally my husband said screw it went bought wooden legs to hold the bottom of couch off ground. The washer and dryer electric were delivered on
Paul as service technician you are liar unethical Micheala in the Complaint Dept also . Even the conn workers say its man
When speaking to them talked Quentin refused let me supervisor and told was done talking going hang . hours later it was still going through the cycle
When I asked why was getting calls like this got from Customer Service and corporate are you going make payment. Wright am taking the time out of my day and writing this letter extreme frustration with your company. At this point my wife and are extremely frustrated
I do not now or will ever recommend your company. It has been over days and have not rcv the credit when call in to customer service line transferred three times still assistance
I plainly said to her it because am not satisfied with the service received from customer center. Very close by was best buy and h Greg. What I will do is report you to the BBB
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I told would goggle and get the corporate information. We ve paid mos and no OVEN. They are processing my complaint but it is working. They should also consider who put in their management positions to represent store